Campaign of the Month: July 2011

Sins of the First Age

Session Log

What!? B*tch! Stop making messes!

Experience: 8

In the aftermath of the battle for the Emerald City, the circle splits their efforts. Within Aboshi’s living quarters Kadon discovers the dimensional anchor she has used to stay connected to Creation, but cannot discover what it was the infernal wanted here. In pursuit of her children, Mnemia travels to the Underworld only to learn that her progeny are also being chased by the agent of a Death Lord and are en route to Chiaroscuro. Beginning to attend to the needs of the Emerald City, Zuko and Ioni start to hear word that their allies are losing contact to locations all over Creation. Making their way to Yu Shan the circle finds Mercury in charge as she desperately works to restart Creation in response to a safety measure meant to pause existence should it detect a massive attack against Gaia.

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ChainsawXIV Gilheru

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