Campaign of the Month: July 2011

Sins of the First Age

Session Log

Who is power leveling your crotch fruit?!

Experience: 5

Following Yuki’s spell, the circle crosses much of Chiaroscuro before entering the underground. There they encounter one of the friends of Aly and Kasi, the Eclipse caste child, and a representative of the ghost of the alchemical that was Chiaroscuro. A request sees all of the children returned to the circle, including the mysterious young woman, Lisa, who turns out to be Ophelia. Under pressure from the circle it is revealed that Ophelia has empowered the twins, Chairoscuro has a fetter to see the primordial’s exaltation successfully passed and that Anastagio is a failed creation of Autochthon that was to assume the mantle eventually taken by the Unconquered Sun. The twins’ blind thirst for power temporarily discouraged, they return to Creation to wait out the time freeze.

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ChainsawXIV Gilheru

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