The leader of the The Cult of the Illuminate, Aboshi is a Solar exalt born nearly 800 years ago; a powerful sorceress and a master at mental manipulation. She possesses the crown originally worn by the queen of the Solar Deliberative, and aims to reestablish Solar government and organization.

Interaction with the Circle

  • The Invasion of Lookshy
    Where she personally lead a small force into Lookshy and cemented the growing partnership between the Cult and the circle.
  • The Waking Dragons
    Where she began recruiting candidates for the yellow jade caste of dragon-blooded.
  • The Reclamation of Nexus, Part II
    Where she sends an envoy to the Bull of the North in an effort to return his child to him. Her efforts are rebuked.
  • A Time for Reflection
    Where she offers a position within the Solar Deliberative to the members of the circle, an offer they do not accept.
  • Frozen Fields of War
    Where she sets into motion plans designed to erode the power base of the Scarlet Empress by turning her heirs against her.

Portrait by Wen-M


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