Eldest daughter of Tya Mnemia and Anna


Born in a small village west of Starfall on the island of Pearl, Alyrja is the youngest daughter of Tya Mnemia and Anna and twin to Kasiris. Child of a solar exalted and a ghost, this girl is ghost-blooded, walking the line between this world and the next. Unable to properly care for the infant, Mnemia has entrusted her to Tya Celeste, Alyrja’s grandmother. Mnemia hopes that the life of the Tya will serve her children as well as it did her. Images drawn by Arvia show them embracing the heritage of both of their parents.

Interaction with the Circle

  • Leviathan’s Betrayal
    Where, as one of half a dozen children, born of the exalted, she was taken by Leviathan for the purpose of training.
  • The Invisible Manse
    Where she is seen in the mirrors of the manse before eventually being pulled into the time occupied by the circle. Her and Kasi have taken the exaltation of an unknown primordial, but it cost Tya Celeste her life.


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