Equivalent to a god of the Fourth Rank, but unknown to the celestial bureaucracy.


What Ananasa was before the circle found it is unclear, but it is a secret they may do well to investigate*. The spider aspected god was held in an elaborate prison, deep within the Wyld. Here its essence was shattered, breaking down the god into its anger, despair and sickness. Freeing it required merging the sundered essence, an act made extremely difficult by the way in which each facet fed the other two. And even when the circle was successful, a gargantuan tree creature still remained, a massively powerful warden placed in case the prison could not hold.

Now freed Ananasa acts as the god of Mercury’s Envy, allowing the ship access to the Webways, portals that allow almost instantaneous travel through the Wyld.

Interaction with the Circle

  • Trials of the Sword
    Where it was released from its prison in the deepest Wyld.
  • The Fate of the Maker
    Where it was responsible for assisting Kadon in his ritual that cast the Solar into Autochthon.
  • The Haslanti Wylds
    Where it was responsible for assisting the circle in reaching the final resting place of the Tearing Gale.

*Ananasa is the predacessor to Asna Firstborn, the first pattern spider. Also created by Autochthon, Ananasa is the pattern spider prototype. Built effectively identically to Asna, Ananasa is a backup originally kept outside the bounds of Creation so that should Creation suffer a massive failure of some manner and Asna was debilitated or destroyed, Ananasa could use the Loom of Fate to restore it. Unfortunately, the Creation Ananasa intrinsically understands is unclear, which could be from before the conclusion of the primordial war. As a result, it’s unclear what would happen to Creation should Ananasa gain access to the Loom.


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