An apparently mortal woman who met Kadon during his time in the patropolis of Kolstum in Autochthonia, Carmen served as his assistant throughout his time in that realm. Her true nature is something of a mystery however – now that the circle has left the Maker’s realm, the Design Weavers have no record of her existence.

Interaction with the Circle

  • The Fate of the Maker
    Where she attached herself to Kadon Cind as a personal assistant.
  • Through the Looking Glass
    Where she accompanied the circle back to creation, and it was suggested a more intimate relationship with Kadon Cind was taking place without his knowledge.
  • The Invisible Manse
    Where it was revealed that she was a Sidereal exalt of a here-to-for unknown Maiden, with the ability to travel through and manipulate time.


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