A celestial god of craftsmanship, he was bound by Kharum to the factory cathedral in the Eastern Grove to assist with the solar’s projects and the operations of the cathedral. He remained in that state until the Daughters of the Blade claimed the manse and began to shape it. Once revealed the Argent Remnant were able to take control of him using a tome Kharum had once used to give the god his commands. This was how the circle found him, forced to shield the temple of the Unconquered Sun within a false city. The recovery of the book enabled Kadon to grant Erisen his freedom, though for now the god remains with the factory cathedral, intrigued by the return of one of the great solar craftsmen.

Interaction with the Circle:

  • Trials of the Sword
    Where he was released from his bondage and chose to remain as the god of the factory cathedral.


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