Eyes of Destiny

Fey of the central courts of the eastern Wyld


Though Destiny claims to see the future, she is simply a bright and quick thinking woman. She recognizes patterns long before anyone else and acts on them in ways that seem prescencient. And when it comes to solars, at least these solars, she believes all of Creation will open before them. Something here is different, some cosmic convergence, and their dreams will be unlike any before and any after. But such a fate must be earned on the fields of war. If they could not pass this trifling test their demise was for the best.

Despite the efforts of her “sisters”, the solars have emerged triumphant (with maybe just a bit of assistance from Destiny), as Eyes of Destiny always knew they would. And for her past cooperation and future assistance she has been granted a place at their side from where she can reap the glories of their destiny and reveal in the violence of their ascension.


Destiny once appeared as a beautiful, blindfolded woman wearing a form fitting kimono crafted from a dozen shades of green. Closer inspection revealed the garment to be woven of strands of leaves and vines somehow drawn into thread. Wreaths of flowers adorned her head, arms, wrists and ankles and her skin felt like petals to the touch. Her fingers were unusually long.

Now, though many of the physical qualities that helped define her are the same, she has found herself affected by the dreams she consumes. She now manifests wearing heavier clothing and armor, and often carrying a weapon, usually a daiklave of sorts. She has also stopped wearing her blindfold, though it still rests upon her head.

Interaction with the Circle

  • Trials of the Sword
    Where she conspired with the other Daughters of the Blade to test the circle.

Eyes of Destiny

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