Kharum Argent

Master Engineer and Inventor



Kharum’s overriding goal is the redemption of all solar exalts for their actions in the first age, and the elimination of the madness that drove them to it. He does not know it as such, but he wants to find a cure for the Great Curse.

  • Driven to prevent Kadon Cind, his current incarnation, from succumbing to the Great Curse
  • Spiteful of his former circle-mates for their recklessness with his great creations

Known by many titles in his time, including The Architect of Resplendent Spirits (for his work in the field of geomancy and the shaping of creation), The Artisan (for the panoply of wonders he forged), and The Certain Silent Voice (for his political machinations), Kharum Argent was among the greatest inventors in an age of great inventions, and a quiet, subtle voice of reason amongst the storms of chaos and madness that were first age politics.

In the first age, Kharum studied under the tutelage of Autocthon himself before the primordial’s departure, and afterwords was known as the greatest maker of wonders left to creation. Numbered among his known creations are the Past Lives Pavilion in Meru, The Emissary of Nexus, the original (superior) exaltation and soul manipulating devices which inspired the Monstrances used to create Abyssals, and (it is believed) the Jade Prison itself.

Politically, Kharum was rarely seen to be an activist, but this was not to be confused with a lack of action or conviction. Instead he preferred to to act indirectly, empowering – or manipulating, depending on your point of view – other agencies to accomplish his goals in his place. Like the architect that he was, he planned his every act with care, layering contingency upon contingency, and hiding one goal beneath another, his own hand in matters all but unseen.

In the twilight years of the first age, Kharum saw the descent of the solars into madness beginning, and forewarned by his allies, he hatched a grand scheme to redeem them – and himself – weather they would have it or not. With a group of sidereal allies, he plotted the events that would come to be known as the Usurpation, with the intention of purging his fellows’ insanity and quickly restoring the ordained rule of creation, but something went horribly wrong.

What precisely happened is shrouded in mystery – although the interference of what would become the Bronze Faction seems the most likely explanation – but the net result was the imprisonment of nearly every solar exaltation for far longer than originally intended. Whatever its original purpose, the Jade Prison lived up to its name, and sealed away the solar essences for nearly two thousand years, rather than a few decades as had been planned.

Kharum was killed in the furtherance of this plan – consulting with a powerful demon for some vital bit of information who’s nature is at present unknown – before it could be executed, so perhaps his own absence is what sent the scheme astray. Regardless of the circumstances however, his own demise had always been an essential part of the plot, necessary in order to purge his own madness, and so he had set forth contingencies for the event.

Striking an agreement with Lytek, the god responsible for the process of exaltation, Kharum arranged to pass a portion of himself – his knowledge and goals – on to his next incarnation. This, he hoped, would allow him to complete the phases of his plan which must inevitably come after his own death. What he could not know was that it would be more than eighteen hundred years before he would have the opportunity.

Kharum Argent

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