Kissed by Starlight

Fey of the northern courts of the eastern Wyld


Starlight fears the solars and the destruction they could bring if allowed to rise once again. She will prevent that at all cost, but in particular wishes the solars to know the same fear and despair she knows. She would see them hunted like animals and eventually destroyed. And if she has the opportunity to feast upon their terror, all the better. To that end she conscripted the Argent Remnant, the remains of a broken Wyld Hunt chapter formerly known as the Might of Yggdrasil.

Yet neither the might of the dragon-blooded nor her own substantial shaping skill would prove enough to achieve victory. Defeated at the hands of Kadon, she was compelled to restore the Eastern Grove and to never bother the solars again. She managed to flee with her life though, carrying with her a festering resentment that may yet give rise to trouble.


Starlight appears as a beautiful, delicate woman dressed in elaborate black and ivory clothing best described as Gothic. Victorian lines enhance her slight curves and pale skin appears and disappears beneath shifting gossamer overlaying the leather and bone bustier. Her jewelry is subdued, mostly composed of silver and platinum. She carries herself with pride, but her voice is little more than a whisper (though not as difficult to hear as one would expect). From her eyes tears of blood slowly but continuously fall down her face.

Interaction with the Circle

  • Trials of the Sword
    Where she conspired with the other Daughters of the Blade to kill the circle.

Kissed by Starlight

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