A mortal woman, Nessa was Kadon’s student and girl friend prior to his exaltation. After Kadon killed her father in a duel, they were estranged, but the circle later rescued her and they’ve sense mended fences. She greatly desires exaltation.

Interaction with the Circle

  • The Invasion of Lookshy
    Where he body was possessed by her father’s ghost, and her soul was trapped in a warstrider, until the two were finally reunited.
  • TheWakingDragons
    Where she went to the floating island to attempt to earn exaltation as one of the new dragon blooded of Rua’Nin.
  • A Time for Reflection
    Where it was revealed that she had been passed over for exaltation more than a dozen times.
  • The Invisible Manse
    Where she appeared in visions of the future, come looking for the circle in the manse.
  • Securing the Scavenger Lands
    Where she returned to the circle’s company, finally having exalted.


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