Raxin Hsen

Former Governor of Deheleshen and Commander of the Divine Legion


[Pronounced ra shin sen]

Raxin, the Phoenix Born of Blood, was a Dawn Caste Solar of the First Age. In his time he was the governor of the city of Deheleshen and commander of a martial force known as the Divine Legion. At his height he commanded more than two hundred airships, forty units of warstriders (owning two royal warstriders himself) and 500,000 troops. His forces were some of the most dangerous in Creation, during both the Primordial War as well as the never ending conflict with the Fair Folk.

As a mortal during the war with the Primordials, Raxin Hsen served as the commander for a small unit that specialized in infiltration. As an exalted the scope of his responsibilities changed, but he was still known for leading small groups into suicidal situations and seeing them returned successful and safe (the sight of him leading his men with the target behind in flames earned him his nickname Phoenix Born of Blood).

With the war complete his service was not forgotten as he was made steward of the land at the mouth of the Yanaze River. This expanse of fertile soil and mineral wealth at the heart of the realm was positioned to become one of the most important trade hubs in Creation. Here he laid the foundation for the great city of Deheleshen, a magnificent metropolis that would serve as his home until his death.

As Deheleshen grew Raxin focused on shaping his city into a center for commerce, as uninteresting as he found that to be. But as the Fair Folk advanced into Creation in the aftermath of the Primordial War Raxin turned Deheleshen into a city of war. The manufacture of weapons and the training of soldiers was all done here. The city also served as one of only a handful of command and control hubs placed around Creation. Raxin had at his fingertips the greatest weapons his kind could create, the support structure to use them and an information network unmatched anywhere else.

But as the years passed whether Raxin was aware of the affects of the Curse or simply didn’t care is unknown. But like many solars near the end of the first age his actions began to range from indifferent to horrific. He held no life but his own with any kind of regard, even going so far as to kill his Lunar mate in a sparring exercise. He also sacrificed his own children on a regular basis to maintain one of his primary manses in Deheleshen, now lookshy.

Near the end his paranoia was all consuming. He trusted no one and could conceive of only one means to ferret out and destroy his enemies once and for all. Using a secret location he created and stored the means necessary to restore the world (as he saw fit) should it be destroyed. Then he set about seeing to the destruction of all Creation. Ultimately he failed, being buried in one of his lesser manses far to the south.

His legacy to Creation was an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction unmatched by any other solar, including a vast number of machines of war. And though much of it has been used by the city of Lookshy to maintain its independence, just as much has been lost to thieves or to time itself. He also left behind a massive network of manses, including one housing the means of recreating Creation. Most of these remain lost. Finally, his exaltation has returned to this world, empowering a woman named Tya Mnemia.

Interaction with the Circle

Portrait by Luis Royo

Raxin Hsen

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