V'neef Sidney


A Night caste Solar associated closely with the Cult of the Illuminate, Sidney is a proficient spy and infiltrator. A Master of the Ebon Shadow Style, she prefers stealth and social cunning before turning to violence. She is known to have worked primarily in and around Nexus by the circle, but has also been called upon to assist with issues across creation.

Her earliest memories are of a cage in the dessert of the south and a woman glowing with the sun. She has been told by her adopted mother that she was found among slavers who where trafficking mortals to the fair folk. The slavers made the mistake of also taking a member of the Dynastic House V’neef, whose identity was unknown to slavers. The story told to her by her mother, Sere, and her grandmother, Head of house V’neef (in her late 30s at the time, currently in her late 60s today), suggests that a party of V’neef nobles attacked and rescued the slaves. However Sidney always expected something more by the way many outside of the family would always ask her if she remembered anything else from that day regardless of how young she was at the time.

She spent most of her life on one of the many winery owned by her adopted family. As a daughter of a Dragon-Blooded of a up and coming Dynastic family, she never found herself going without some material comfort. Her sharp and agile mind and her ability to quickly learn new things earned her the respect of the family. While her education started late, she quickly caught up, showing that she might be of use to the family later in life. So she was given to her Uncle, V’neef Chaucer, who was a popular poet and novelist, for tutoring. Chaucer, had been present when the party of V’neef nobles rescued her from the slavers. As her mortal teacher and friend, she found herself closer to her Uncle than her distance Mother and Father. However, Sere spent far more time with her and her siblings than most Dynastic parents did.

With poor prospects for Exalting as a Dragon-Blooded, few primary schools wanted to take her in. In the end, a school in Bright Obelisk, a city with a large number of V’neef owned hunting lodges and agricultural operations, accepted her. There she received the education required for all Dynasts, and made the social connection expected to serve her later in life. Here she met her two closest childhood friends, V’neef Kira and V’neef Nith.

Near the end of her time at the school, she learned Nith wasn’t a V’neef but was of the fallen house of Iselsi. When Nith exalted as a water aspect, it was largely thanks to Kira and Sidney that her secret of her true house was kept from the other students and teachers. Due to her actions and skill, she came to the attention of The All-Seeing Eye, the spy-guild of the Realm and the Scarlet Empress. Though she wouldn’t know for many years later, the All-Seeing Eye planed to make her into one of their spymasters. However, she also came to the attention of the Cult of the Illuminate. Under a mission for The Convention on Oversite (MoEP:Sidereal pg87) The Doctor was one of the teachers at the school and was impressed with the young mortal.

At Graduation, she further exemplified herself. The Empress would randomly (or mostly at random) pick one school to visit for graduation each year. The year of Sidney’s graduation, a competition between a her school and a rival institute in Eagle’s Launch won her school the honor of the Empress visiting during the graduation recital. When a child graduates primary school, each child is spoken of by his teachers (silence being one of the most humiliating fates possible at this key moment in their lives) followed by a performance by the child. Even when the Empress isn’t in attendance, the most popular is to recite the declaration of the Scarlet Realm; the speech the Empress gave to the Blessed Isle after pushing back the fair folk invasion with the Sword of Creation. Though six had preformed the declaration already, all dragon blooded, and with the last going just before her, Sidney gave the seventh, and what would be the final performance, of the declaration that night.

While most guess or suspect the Empress was performing some social snub of one of the other children’s families, or was giving yet more support to the young house V’neef, none to this day have been able to determine what social manipulations she was trying to pull off or if it worked. However, none who had observed the Empress’s slight yawns to the performances before Sidney’s could say what her reaction was to the speech until the end when she gave a standing ovation. Members of house V’neef, and others when they were being candid, said no other had captured the Empress’s essence as well as she before. Most gave credit to her Uncle for training her, at least until the truth came out that he had become one of the Solar Anathema.

The Empress would vanish 13 years later. Rumors that after that night she ordered the All Seeing-Eye to open an inquiry into the girl vanished with her.

Leaving Bright Obelisk, Sidney was bound for the Spiral Academy, to learn the arts and skills the All Seeing-Eye wanted their future spymaster to pick up. However during her first year, her Uncle was revealed to be a Solar. Being like a father to her, and unable to believe he had turned to the darkness of the Anathema, she set off for the scavenger lands to seek the truth of the mater. There she fell into the clutches of the Cult of the Illuminate and met the Lady Aboshi whom her Uncle served. It was then she could recall and see the woman who had stopped the slavers nearly 17 years before and who had altered the path of her life completely. Aboshi had even gone so far as to use her charms to make sure the V’neef would take Sidney in after Aboshi left.

The next year and a half, seeing what the same qualities that the All Seeing-Eye saw, Aboshi turned Sidney into a master spy and skilled martial artist. However, once her training was complete, spies in heaven learned of where a Solar would exalt in the west in the coming months. Either the Solar would die by the hands of the Wyld Hunt, or Sidney would die allowing the Solar escape back to the Cult.

To the surprise of the Cult, two years later, Sidney returned to the Cult Exalted under the Unconquered Sun. After sending an inquiry to Lytek, the best guess was that the obscure prophecy of the Solar’s Exaltation meant either the Exaltation would pick another hero and die, or if present, would pick Sidney and survive thanks to her training. Or that it was misread and it meant the mortal would be no more and in her place a new exalt.

In the next eight years, Sidney would become the Cult’s, and Aboshi’s, favored and most trusted agent. She would be the one to bring back to the Cult word of the disappearance of the Empress.

Currently Three Divisions and Six Conventions in Heaven have an on going investigation into Sidney’s life, having detected the unusual path her destiny and fate have traced though the Loom of Fate before her thread vanished from sight the night she exalted. This includes The Convention on Malfeas, who reports agents of hell have recently started investigations on the woman as well. Sidney, along with the Empress and other notables, have made it into the Bureau of Destiny’s “Ta’veren” file. (One of the Circle has already found their way into this folder, and others members are being considered for introduction as well) Furthermore, 23 countries and city states have open files on her, though most of the information in them are largely inaccurate or placed there by Sidney herself. Strangely, her single page of information with The All Seeing-Eye only mentions her as a foot note in regards to her Uncle and a foot note in a file of one of their missing Iselsi agents whom vanished in Wavecrest along one of the Realm’s Wyld Hunts years ago. It only notes Sidney’s family name and her primary school in Bright Obelisk that the missing Iselsi also attended. The report says it only mentions her as the missing Iselsi was Sidney’s sole lone friend there.

Interaction with the Circle

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V'neef Sidney

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