Silken Sky

Mortal prodigy/intern


Sky is a mortal prodigy of unique potential. She has completed the feat of rising her own essence above the mortal max to the rating of 4. Furthermore, she has put it to good use by learning both terrestrial martial arts and terrestrial circle sorcery. Lastly, the Cult of the Illuminated has noted her impressive ability to learn new skills and put her impressive occult skills to use by teaching her lore and craft in order to make her into a sorcerer technician.

Trained in the Emerald City, Sky has the highest marks of any of their mortal trainees. The only negative notes any of her instructors have for their student is an unhealthy amount of irreverence for some of the Cult’s doctrines and her betters (i.e. Exalted). A small few have harshly voiced that this might be why such a gifted child has been overlooked by the incarnate for exaltation. This is mostly done as an attempt to correct her one error in their eyes as her one wish is to be counted among the chosen. However, instead of “correcting her behavior,” it instead seems to only put her in a fowl mood.

While her marks could have landed her a posting anywhere in the Cult including becoming a personal retainer for one of the Solars, Sky decided to follow her boyfriend and long time companion Kaleb. The two had come from the same orphanage in the scavenger lands before joining the Cult together. Together they proved themselves worth being brought to the Emerald City for advanced training. While the cult figured Kaleb, being a half-caste, would produce a greater return for their investment of training the pair, Silken Sky has proven such expectations wrong.

And much to their dismay.

Most feel she’s wasting her potential on her boyfriend and that she should be recalled to the Emerald City to work in one of the factory cathedrals. Such would allow the Cult further study of her essence in their attempts to empower other mortals while putting her skills to their best use. However, the fact she is not only posted under a Solar, or a Solar with a factory cathedral, but a Solar who helped give the gateway system to the city keeps such critics quiet. For now. Most suspect Kaleb will fall short of the Kadon’s high standards and will be dismissed and she will follow him. At which point the same people suspect they’ll have to “guide” the girl away from any further mistakes involving the boy, with charms if necessary. For her own good of course.

While it’s unclear if she is aware of such opinion, she does seem to push Kaleb a good deal to excel and to make friends with their boss. It would seem Sky has somehow recruited Nessa into her plans as most work shifts Nessa prepares now has Kaleb doing tasks that require supervision of the Solar or herself. So far this has had… mixed results.

With her time working aboard the Envy and forest factory cathedral, Sky has easily made friends with most of the support staff the Cult has on hand and with most of the Circle’s followers and allies. If not off alone with Kaleb, she can be found most times with Scarlet and/or Zis as the three have begun to form an odd kind of friendship. The other interns see her as something of a mascot being the only mortal between them.

Publicly known stats:

Abilities: High ranks in Marshal Arts, Craft, Lore, Occult and most knowledge skills. Ranks in Geomancy and Enchantment Thaumaturgy.

Spells: Ritual of Elemental Empowerment, Incantation of Effective Restoration, The Eye and the Mouth, Emerald Countermagic.

Martial Arts: Golden Janissary Form, Ebon Shadow Form (Retcon: She had Shadow-Stepping Motion, but I thought it was lower on the tree and Essence 4, so that’s my bad.)

Image for the character is of Allison Scagliotti who plays Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13. Image was taken from the show, and was found on the internet.

Silken Sky

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