Squirrel Girls

A small collection of the squirrel-hybrids found awake inside Zoranna's genetics lab


For ease of reading, their “common” names are listed alongside the designations from the tanks they were released from.

Jade J4D3
Amber 4MB3R
Violet V10L37
Aqua 4QU4
Fuschia FU5CH14
Carmine C4RM1N3
Cerise C3R153
Coral C0R4L
Cream CR34M
Daffodil D4FF0D1L
Fawn F4WN
Fern F3RN
Flora FL0R4
Ginger G1NG3R
Goldie G0LD13
Iris 1R15
Ivy I\/Y
Jasmine J45M1N3
Lavender L4\/3ND3R
Lilac L1L4C
Magenta M4G3NT4
Magnolia M4GN0L14
Mint M1NT
Olive 0L1\/3
Orchid 0RCH1D
Peach 934CH
Pearl 934RL
Pink 91NK
Plum 9LUM
Pumpkin 9UM9K1N
Rose R053
Robin R0B1N
Saffron 54FFR0N
Sienna 5I3NN4
Sunny 5UNNY
Skye 5KY3
Teal T341
Vanilla \/4NI114

Upon being released and moved to the The Eastern Grove the girls were split into three teams by Zuko in order to help facilitate operations at the Circle’s home base and to help mitigate the trouble they get into when they all mentally link up and start building random things.

Group 1: Lab Assistants.
The Lab Assistant group, led by Jade, is tasked with assisting in the Factory Cathedral where Kadon and the interns do much of their work. The girls’ natural aptitudes for magitech and invention have proven quite useful in this pursuit.
Members: Aqua, Coral, Daffodil, Ginger, Ivy, Magenta, Mint, Pink, Robin, Saffron, Sunny, Skye

Group 2: Grove Corps
The Grove Corps, led by Amber, are tasked with assisting in maintenance and upkeep of the Eastern Grove. This includes work from cooking and cleaning, to defense. As such, they have received extra combat training from Galek Rohlad and each carries a short ironwood sword.
Members: Carmine, Cream, the twins Fawn and Fern, Goldie, Jasmine, Lavender, Orchid, Pumpkin, Rose, Sienna, Vanilla

Group 3: Envy’s Angels
This group of girls, led by Violet, works on Mercury’s Envy, as maintenance and piloting staff. Given mild access to Neya’s systems the Angels are capable most of the upkeep on the Envy under the guidance of Scotty, who seems not to mind the addition of the all female workforce under his watch. Given that the Envy often moves to hostile territory this group has received weapons training from Karal Fire Orchid in the use of spears and is properly armed.
Members: Fuschia, Carmine, Cerise, Flora, Iris, Lilac, Magnolia, Olive, Peach, Pearl, Plum, Teal

//GM Notes\\
Currently each counts as a single follower. Each are already counted as followers for Scarlet, but each can still also count as a follower for whomever takes the time to befriend them. Each is still fairly impressionable.

As Beastmen, they have a set of mutations: Fur, Tail, Wall Walking, Easily Distracted, Longevity, Hungry, Beast Speak (Squirrel only), Breed True, Mental Teamwork ((allows teamwork for mental skills with each other, allowing a single role from one squirrel’s die pool, aka the leader. Each extra squirrel adds one die to the pool, but can not add more dice than the leader’s base pool (i.e. like a solar 1st Ex) Extra Squirrels can also instead decrease the time between roles for an extend action.))


Interaction with the Circle

Portrait by Phillip M Jackson

Squirrel Girls

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