The Argent Remnant

A Chapter House of the Wyld Hunt


Jedian Klynn (Deceased)
Master of the Remnant
Wood Aspect Dragon-Blooded

Sares Phaed
Captain of the Remnant
Wood Aspect Dragon-Blooded

Rhysan Phaed
Captain of the Remnant
Wood Aspect Dragon-Blooded

Forces of the Remnant
Dragon-Blooded: 20
Soldiers: 150
Support Personnel: 30
Jade Warstriders: 6


This is what remains of the once great chapter known as the Might of Yggdrasil. Their symbol, a great silver tree with jade highlights on a gray backdrop, was feared across Creation. But with their numbers decimated by the Great Contagion they were broken by the Balorian Crusade. Now they are a shadow of their former selves, their great defeat poisoning any effort to rebuild. Only old family lines wishing to restore their honor still fight for the Remnant, and even those numbers are all but exhausted.

The rise of a solar circle to the east drew their attention. But despite their efforts to have these anathema assigned to their chapter, they have been passed over, that duty given to another. Still determined to restore their legacy, they decided to hunt their prey unsanctioned. A decision they could only act on with the aid of a stranger dressed in black that came to them with a plan.

Though Jedian Klynn, the leader of the chapter, was finally able to face the anathema, his efforts did not prove successful. The man was struck down by the circle, his lieutenants Sares Phaed and Rhysan Phaed captured along with most of the Remnant and taken to the Emerald City as prisoners of war (though efforts are being made to convert them and their resources to the cause).

Interaction with the Circle

Portrait by Wayne Reynolds

The Argent Remnant

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