Whispers of the Bough

Fey of the southern courts of the eastern Wyld


Whispers saw the solars as a fruit, ripe for the picking. Before then they were still finding their place. And before too long their might would put them beyond reach. But with their essence surging and not enough brain in their heads to know better, they are the perfect delicacy. Their shrieks of pain as they lay helpless before her could have lasted for months, providing a feast unlike any other.

Whispers was denied that bounty though. First when the solars resisted her poison and later when they struck her down in the shrouded temple of the Unconquered Sun where her ambush proved futile.


Whispers appears to not be wearing much of anything. Wherever she travels, the light from above the omnipresent canopy creates shadows that always seem to preserve her modesty. But while she wears no clothing, she is not unadorned. Woven through her hair are dozens of larges gems, each reflecting that same falling light and scattering it in an array of colors. She wears a similarly adorned necklace and a belt that seems to just barely hang from her hips. Anklets and bracelets are less extravagant, but each seems to be made of a variety of different colored metals. The tip of every strand of hair is barbed and capable of delivering a wide variety of poisons.

Interaction with the Circle

  • Trials of the Sword
    Where she conspired with the other Daughters of the Blade to capture the circle.

Whispers of the Bough

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