Zoranna "Zsa Zsa" Zelnah

Night Caste Geneticist and Technology Thief


Zoranna was Zuko’s first age exaltation.

A woman of great will and an overly serious demeanor, which seemed in great contrast to her exotic good looks and flirtatious eyes. While no one seemed capable of proving that she was the one responsible for most of their valuables disappearing after a function, most Solars did not neglect to notice that the rate at which their belongings vanished dropped after she stopped being invited as often. Plenty would still regret her lack of attendance as Zoranna was a delight to be around and for a time was a preferred party guest; she always had an amusing bit of gossip to share.

When with her circle, Zoranna was the quiet solver of problems. If Kharum needed a rare material to finish some great work, or if Raxin had an annoying foe he wished dispatched in the middle of the night Zoranna was called upon to handle the issue. She was happy to sit in the background and marvel at the accomplishments of her companions, slowly engaging in her own pursuits clandestinely. She kept her own projects secretive for the most part, only rarely sharing with Kharum when seeking his advice. Keeping them out of the public eye was paramount as what better way to show someone you stole their toys than to reveal what you had done with them?


A First Age Night Caste Solar Exalt also known as Hidden Pillager of Life’s Secrets and Invisible Agent of Perfect Procurement Zoranna was an unparalleled mistress of stealth and scientific study. Vital during the primordial war, Zoranna was tasked with discovering their foes’ greatest weapons and either disabling them or stealing them for use by the Solars. While she often could not discern the components of such objects, she was quite adept at determining their uses. After the war ‘Zsa Zsa’ settled down in the Hollows and began working on understanding the nature of life itself and the differences between the various creatures that existed in creation.

She excelled in unravelling and reconstituting the building blocks of life, but was not a terrific inventor. However, her ability to understand a device’s purpose gave her the opportunity to, whenever her work reached an overtly rough patch, simply steal the necessary equipment from one of her peers. A frequent victim of such “scientific courtesy” was that of her circle mate Kharum Argent. He knew full well that she was stealing from him, but considered her access to his inventions a fair trade for the wonders she could bring him from other inventors.

Whether or not Zoranna and Kharum shared their thoughts on the problems brought on by aged Solars is unknown. What is known is that Zoranna believed the problem to be a matter of the human body being an imperfect vessel for so much power. Lunars lived as long as them yet didn’t seem to turn into horrible people after 700 or so years. Thus, Zelnah worked to alleviate this problem through excessive experimentation. Unfortunately it was at this point that her own Curse began to take form and Zoranna saw the world as a cold calculating scientist and ignored the emotional connections she had made. This was especially cruel concerning her lunar mate, Scarlet, whom she used as a guinea pig and tool towards her research.

Initially Zoranna worked towards creating a new race to house Solar exaltations and created the chimera race that can live in the Wyld, the “love-monkeys” which function as Solar babysitters and servants, and several other creatures that still live in Creation to this day. She hit her greatest achievement when she happened upon technology capable of manipulating the essence of an Exaltation itself. She found a way to force Scarlet’s exaltation to find its way into a specific body, and soon thereafter the ability to mass produce clones of Scarlet to be re-exalted. This allowed her to completely ignore the health and well-being of her guinea pig and subject her to all manners of horrors in the process of her work, which greatly expedited her research.

This also led her down a different path of study, that of true immortality for Solars. If she could bring Scarlet back perfectly every time and the Solars did not show signs of real madness until they were old, then the solution was simple; cheat the reincartion system and have Solars kill themselves every few-hundred years.

It is unknown precisely how mistress Zelnah died, but she was on the verge of adapting the technology used to grant Scarlet immortality to the use for Solars. She had crafted a system of generating clones for all her circle-mates and was almost ready to activate her own ‘fail-safe’ box to capture her essence upon her death when she was lost and her exaltation trapped in the jade prison. The systems continued to function after her death and Hollows, now called Nexus, continually had a group of council members all bearing strong likenesses to the circle’s first age selves available to serve the city’s best interests.

Zoranna "Zsa Zsa" Zelnah

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