Life Stone


Manse (Wood)

Crystalline structures and latices constantly grow and regrow over each other in the heart of this jagged cluster of clear green gemstones, causing it to tick and vibrate with a sound somewhere between the chirping of insects and the slow cracking of thin ice, audible only to a character who holds it to her ear. The stone is a font of life energy the likes of which creation has rarely seen since the time of its creation.

The stone’s bearer regenerates at an astonishing rate – recovering a level of bashing damage each tick, a level of lethal damage each time her DV refreshes, and a level of aggravated damage at the beginning of each scene – but these are the least of its powers. The bearer is also immune to non-magical crippling, poison, and disease, receives (Essence) extra successes on rolls to resist magical versions of these effects, and will regenerate dismembered limbs with a full night’s rest.


Life Stone

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