Lightning Bugs

Adhesive glowspots for a multitude of uses



Made from a mixture of refined tree resin, essence-infused salts, and other alchemical reagents, Lightning Bugs are small pellets of hardened sap that when activated via a mote of essence can serve many functions.

When the user imparts a mote of their essence to the pellet, its outer coating changes into a powerful adhesive that clings to most any surface. Once stuck, the pellet is difficult to remove without concerted effort and a moderate supply of water and scrubbing. The pellet then begins to glow for a period of 1 scene at an intensity of anywhere between a dim sparkle to half the strength of a torch (chosen by the user when the essence is imparted). The light gives off no heat unless the user wishes it to, though no matter the heat given off, it is unable to harm anyone or combust other materials.

Naturally such an item can be useful for a makeshift light source, a way to mark one’s trail in a labyrinth, or even a way to track a specific individual in a crowd. Given their alchemical requirements, Lightning Bugs are considered a resource 3 item. They come in pouches of 20.


Lightning Bugs

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