Locality Crystal


Manse (Sidereal)

This stunningly clear gem resembles a hollow disk of cut crystal with a tapered outer edge. Scenes and images flicker in the aperture at its center, revealing glimpses of the hearthstone chamber of the manse from which the stone derives its power, and while he carries the stone the user feels the constant sensation of being in two places at once. This condition creates no meaningful distraction, but is none the less quite strange to experience.

The magic of this stone creates a conjunction – a region of metaphysical similarity – between his own location and his manse’s hearthstone chamber. As a dramatic action the bearer can manipulate this phenomenon to travel instantly to his manse. Doing so costs a point of willpower, and the bearer may carry companions with him at the cost of one additional point of willpower per (Essence) companions.

Alternately, as a miscellaneous action, the bearer may spend a point of willpower to simply reinforce his link to his manse. For the duration of the scene he gains all the benefits he would normally enjoy by being physically present in his manse’s hearthstone chamber – this includes the effects of the manse’s powers as well as any charm or sorcery effects present in the area, positive or negative. This also allows the bearer to respire essence as if he were physically located in the manse.


Locality Crystal

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