Madokan Essence Gown



Attunement Cost: 5m

Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Tags
8L / 8B 2L / 2B -0 0 -

Delicate tracts of glittering orichalcum essence circuitry are stitched through the pale purple weave of essence spider silk and Wyld-spun story thread cloth that makes up this elegant silken gown, stabilizing and directing the flow of essence around its wearer. Attuning the gown requires the commitment of five motes, and allows the wearer to alter the details of the garment’s appearance reflexively at will.

The weave provides physical protection similar to that afforded by Silken Armor, and like Silken Armor the soak the gown provides does not count as armor. Beyond the physical protection it provides however, the gown renders its wearer physically attractive to anyone, regardless of their normal sexual preferences, by subtly appealing to even the most deeply repressed desires.


Madokan Essence Gown

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