The Profound Lens


Manse (Air)

As its name implies, the Profound Lens is a lenticular jewel apparently made of clear, blue-green tinted ice. Faint auroras shimmer through its depths, suggesting – upon closer examination – shoals and clouds of shifting old realm glyphs. In these ever-evolving three dimensional blocks of data can be found profound insights into the nature of essence and the world, and through them stone’s bearer can forge a deeply powerful connection to the sentience at the heart of the manse from which it springs.

The bearer of the stone gains an insight into the nature of the universe second only to that of the Primordials, conferring a number of bonus successes equal to his Essence on any roll to analyze an object or phenomenon with essence sight, equivalent senses, or arcane tools and techniques designed for such analysis.

More over, this insight into the nature of reality affords him an instinctive understanding of its most basic magic – the sciences of thaumaturgy – allowing him to instantly master any thaumaturgy ritual he sees performed at no cost, and allowing him to perform them without expending willpower. If a character who has learned rituals in this way is not in possession of the stone, his memories of those rituals become hazy and vague, denying him access to those powers until he regains possession of the stone.


The Profound Lens

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