Tide-Worn Cabochon


Manse (Water)

The seas conceal treasure and secrets beneath their depths, hiding truth from those who are not beloved, yet outlasting all external deceptions. This smooth blue stone is filled with glimmering facets that reflect and refract the light around it making it seem to perfectly match any location it is placed.

The bearer of the Tide-Worn Cabochon may “blend in” to their surroundings as if they belonged there, so long as there are at least a handful of other humans present. This is not invisibility, but merely an adaptation to their surroundings – they look and feel as if they belong. This effect renders them perfectly unobtrusive and ‘part of the gang’. They will not stand out unless they take efforts to do so. An observer seeking to discover anyone who does not belong will find nothing amiss, while anyone looking specifically for the bearer of the Cabochon will still be able to find them unless they take other measures.

Similarly, the bearer may also sense those that do not belong – foreigners, outsiders, or anyone who is present and intends to act counter to the values of those around them. This effect does not automatically pierce disguises or perfect effects, but rather provides the bearer’s Essence in bonus dice on any Investigation rolls to detect out of the ordinary behavior or physical evidence that has been mystically concealed.


Tide-Worn Cabochon

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