Time-Spiral Gem


Manse (Solar)

A ring of tiny glyphs is cut into the surface of this slightly concave cylinder near each end, revealing a luminous, translucent core beneath the mirror-finished gold of its surface. As the stone is turned around its axis, the glyphs revealed to the viewer as it spins are different from those which passed out of view a moment before, an ever unwinding sequence of markings which resemble written language in general terms, but no language in particular.

By spinning this stone between his fingers, its bearer can set aside time and later unwind it in a moment of need. By spending an equivalent amount of time in meditation and committing a single mote, the bearer may bank an action of any type lasting no more than a single scene into the stone, up to a total number of stored actions equal to his essence. The action stored is generic rather than specific, and the user chooses what to do with that action when he unwinds it (for example, he could bank a Miscellaneous Action, and then later spend it to perform any type of miscellaneous action). Unwinding an action is a reflexive action which cannot be used in the same action as an Extra Action charm, and the unwound action transpires instantaneously as an Obvious effect.


Time-Spiral Gem

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