A Dialog Between Incarnations

The following note, written in a flowing, practiced hand, was found by Kadon on his work bench in the factory cathedral at the Eastern Grove. It was written in fluent old realm. A second note, this one in Kadon’s neat, even technical hand, is written on the back of the same page, clearly a response to the comments left by his predecessor. It is difficult to say weather the separation between the incarnations is a good or a bad thing, but clearly it is weakening…

My Host,

I have thus far endeavored not to interfere over much with your activities. When I arranged with Lytek to pass my memories and motivations on to my next exaltation, he would not allow it without such an arrangement. He would not, as he said, allow me to cheat death at the expense of whichever deserving soul drew my exaltation next.

This was wise of him I think, for I can see now that the signs of our madness were already beginning to show. Lytek would not say it, but I now believe he knew what we would become. How could he not, as the one who had cleansed the accumulating decay from each exaltation that passed through his care? If my insanity had been passed on, all would truly be lost.

I will keep to the covenant I made with Lytek, as I am bound to, but I write this note for you now in hopes that you may come to see the issue at hand with the the urgency I do. My host, I will be blunt. I fear you are do not see the lethal danger approaching you. I fear you tarry too long with matters already concluded, and schemes that do not advance our goal.

We have been reborn, and our mind is clear for the moment, but I can tell you my host that this will not last. The madness sneaks in like a thief, to steal our dreams of redemption, and no vigilance can prevent it. The only cure is action. You must act now, before the madness takes you again. You must save us before we are once again lost.

- Kharum Argent


You are my ally, but do not misunderstand our relationship. I believe I was chosen for this exaltation because you could not accomplish what you set out to do. Not for any lack of of power, or skill, or will to do it, but simply because it was an impossible task for the person you once were. I value your council in all things, and I will be watchful of myself, and my allies, but I will pursue our shared goal in my own way.

In my judgment, we are not yet ready. The scope of the task your scheme has set before us is vast beyond our power, and we must work up to it as best we can. We must gather our strength to us, each in our own way, and we must find whatever advantages we can to give us leverage over our adversaries. This will take time however, as a man who lived as long as you did must surely be more than able to appreciate.

In the grandest view, our goal is the same, and so I trust in your objectives. They are my own motivation as much as yours, in every sense. But I by your own admission you are touched by madness, and I so cannot trust in your judgment. I refuse to be rushed into this matter before I am ready to address it properly, and I beg you to respect that.

If you truly wish to help me – and I know you do as well as I know my own heart – then you will offer me what guidance and insight you can. The more I learn, the faster I can gain the power I need to accomplish the goal you’ve set before the both of us.

- Kadon Cind

A Dialog Between Incarnations

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