Capital Fortress

Manse 4 (Solar)

The first age capital building, fully restored by Kadon’s wyld shaping magic, sits raised atop a bulky platform of pale white and golden stone, unremarkable except for it’s great, sturdy bulk. In point of fact however, this underlying structure is a potent manse which is designed to act as a fortification and command center in the event of an emergency.

Golden statues surround the capital building, and rest upon its eves, lifting their arms to the sky in exultation. Between their hands, mystic forces gather the light of the sun and channel it inward, illuminating and highlighting the capital itself, which acts as a collector. The building’s rune inscribed inner workings channel the power of the sun down into its foundation, powering a virtual army of automatons dedicated to the protection of the ward.

The fortified manse itself has four entrances – one on each side – and is built of meters thick stone, proof against anything less than supernatural power. When called to war by a properly authorized user in the manse’s war room, its forces march forth on command, directed from the safety of the manse’s central control. The fortress also includes accommodations for training and maintaining a large standing force of mortals, and equipment for citizen militia.

Manse Features
Null Stone – The manse produces no useful hearthstone, only a null stone
Central Control – The manse features a central control room which commands its servants
Guardian – The Judge, an warstrider-like construct who deploys if the ward is threatened
Bound Servant Force – The manse maintains two magnitude three forces of automatons:

  • Arbiters of the Ward – A reserve force of automatons that deploys only as needed
  • The Vigilant Century – An elite force which supports the local constabulatory

Magical Conveniences – The manse features numerous magical conveniences:

  • Self-Maintaining Armory
  • Advanced Practice Rooms
  • Public Address Intercom
  • Surveillance System

Capital Fortress

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