Cerulean Orichalcum Chakram

Artifact 3
Attunement Cost: 8m

With The Eastern Grove under the control of the fair folk the circle was forced to battle a chapter of the Wyld Hunt, The Argent Remnant, to retake it. The spoils of that victory were significant and included a pair of Infinite Jade Chakram. Unfortunately, composed of blue jade as they were their value to the circle was minimal. To make they useful Kadon had to integrate orichalcum into their design without suppressing the qualities granted to the weapon born from its original construction. And though the final result required more essence to master, it was also a more potent weapon.

Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Tags
5 +5 4L 2 50

Design Commentary: This is a merger of the two dot thrown artifacts found in the core book while improving it from a two dot artifact to a three dot artifact. No special traits are included (though it includes the quick return of the infinite jade chakram), just a dice improvement.

Cerulean Orichalcum Chakram

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