Eastern Grove Journal

The following journal entry was found in the village at The Eastern Grove. Evidence on the scene supported the story it tells. The Anathema in question was in actuality a third circle demon wearing the form of Kadon Cind’s first age incarnation, apparently trapped in the ruins after killing the original.

“Hold and take heed to my words for you have ventured into a dangerous, cursed and unholy place. My name is Crimson Forest, chosen of Sextes Jylis, Sorcerer and Thaumaturgist without peer. I implore you brave explorers, turn back to whatever lands you hale from. You’ll find no treasure here, only death.

In year 126 of the Halta/Fair Folk Treaty, on the 9th day of Descending Fire, a group of youth of this village conspired to break into the ancient ruins that lay below. It was on this day we discovered that it was the resting place of a much older evil. Trapped inside, no doubt by a righteous Sworn Brotherhood of my ancestors, was one of the Anathema Solar Demons. When these misguided youths broke the walls of his prison, its evils were released upon our village.

The stories passed down from when we were freed from their dark rule didn’t prepare us for the terror and evil we experienced firsthand. Every hour, one more would die from his vile powers. In an instant the skull of his victims would be removed from the body without breaking the skin or damaging the organs inside (at first). We would find the victims by following the sickening moans and screams to discover them hanging from their toes from the roof of their own huts. The victims would usually die before the next victim; if we tried to ease their passing all those in sight would find themselves instantly joining their poor neighbor’s fate regardless of the time passed. The same would happen if we tried to cut them down, even after their death.

We only saw the beast, and lived, between killings as he rambled about the lone archway on the ground a few yards from what I believe is the entrance-way to his prison. Often we would see the arch move, and being to emanate the sound of essence building up, but to what end we didn’t know. For each time the arch would move, the artifact would seem to deny him and power down until finally the archway stopped responding to him completely and sat quiet.

At night, our dreams were not safe, for something walked among them. If it be a god, Fey, or one of my ancestors who first trapped the beast or the Dragons themselves trying to save us I cannot tell. But it whispered secrets to us and guided me and others to discover what must be done. I wish I had heeded it sooner, for I believed it was a vision sent by the Anathema meant to torment those of us who could blissfully escape if just for a moment into sleep.

For nearly to weeks we had to endure this evil plague. The Anathema would not let us run, nor would he face me in combat with honor. Finally, after learning as much as I could about his prison, I killed his last victim and proceeded to lead the Anathema back inside. I was able to restore the defenses my ancestors created and was able to escape, though only just. I lost my left food and much of the leg when the field was restored.

Once trapped, the survivors and I decided we would leave this place. Already it has been marked with the vile touch of the Anathema and the animals and birds have already left his place feeling this taint. Not wanting to see what further misfortune we might face during the coming month of calibration, we will travel light and fast. I pray we’ll reach another Haltan settlement before then.

This place is now cursed and I encourage all to leave before you suffer the fate of our kin.”

Eastern Grove Journal

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