Excerpt from the Journal of Ioni V.

I was sitting on a cliff side. Geeze, I don’t know why I’m even sharing this, but I might as well. Anyway, there I was, just sitting at the top of the cliff. It was an amazing view. Roiling ocean beneath, crashing waves sounding like the earth’s heartbeat.

Clear beautiful sky with a soft purple of the clouds as a storm started rolling in. It’s my spot really. Of course other people have been there, but it’s my connection to the land and water. A place where I can go and get back in touch. It’s spectacular when the sun ducks behind thick clouds, showing the individual rays, coloring the sky and cliff edges.

I remember clearly why I was there. I had been trying to consult the family spirits, forecasting the next few trips for my brothers who were going to be trying to raid an overbearing merchant. Alright, I’ll admit , it wasn’t an overbearing type of a merchant. The merchant in question was an asshole who had been bragging that he was getting a huge shipment over to Gethamane from Windcreche. Being the opportunists, Onir and Edvir were going to help the merchant out in his delivery and make sure it got to the right people. I had been spending a lot of time at my spot, trying to get back in touch with the elements. I was worried that my brothers were going to spark an incident by constantly robbing merchants off the blessed isle. The spirits were giving me no sign of what was to come, not even the minor sparkle of their totems if they gave their blessing. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like the feeling of something ominous that kept creeping over me. So I sat there, watching the water and the sky meet.

The purple clouds rolled closer to the shore, like a giant blanket covering a tired ocean. The sun fought to remain visible, and tore holes into the leading edge, sending shooting rays to bathe the cliff side where I sat. I felt the warm caress on my cheek and almost felt the resounding toll of a bell as the sun light seemed to solidify on me while I sat.

Daughter of the Seas.

It was like the sun was talking to me. I could feel the voice resonating in my soul as I sat there. I probably should have checked myself for an illness right then and there, but hey. A voice after talking to a whole bunch of spirits and praying over years. Well, it’s not uncommon to try and give them your own voice if they aren’t talking.

Hear me. I have need of you.

At this point, yeah. Sure, I would love to have the spirits give me guidance, tell me what I needed to do. Sure. Hell, it’d make my life easier, even if I was fantasizing it all, if I had some direction, something other than just sitting there, on the cliff side and thinking that nothing was gonna give me guidance in life. I know I sat up at that point and started staring at that sunlight that was defying the rising storm clouds. Granted, my most coherent thought was what, but I think I managed to get out a who are you somewhere in my synapses. Hell, I could feel the strength of the voice. The magnetic pull as something significantly more power was holding out a hand an beckoning me forward. Without understanding it, I rose to my feet and I knew I was walking to a cliff edge, and standing right at the precipice, but I didn’t care.

No more words cut through my mind, instead I had wave after wave of image. First of my family, snapshots of my brothers on the ocean, being sliced down as privateers took over each ship. My aunts being butchered in the middle of the night as crooked authorities performed night raids on the houses, killing all people just to collect the ‘loot’ of the dead. I saw my own life as it was stripped bare, sold into slavery for some demon worshippers black arts needs, and even watched as what I only knew my children might be were sacrificed on altar after altar while the ground rand red in their blood. I saw other people, faces I felt I had known for a long time, but could not name, each was struck down in an onslaught of darkness.

The last images…. I can’t describe them, but they haunt me still. They left me trembling on that cliff, wanting to jump to end it all. Maybe, if I jumped, died…. maybe that would stop the visions from happening.

This will happen. Act for me and there is hope.

I couldn’t. Well… Let me ask you. You’re given a choice. You see your worst nightmares if you do nothing. If you do something you know those nightmares will still happen but there is a chance. A slim chance that you can change those nightmares. The chance is worth it, but hell. Denial is so much nicer. Denial lets you sleep at night.


I don’t know how long I stood there, at the brink of my old life. I felt the warm glow strengthen, and a presence in front of me form. I may not have seen the Unconquered Sun, but I felt Him reach out to me, and I finally reached my own hand out and took that step into my fate. Hope was worth the chance.

I’m not sure what happened next, but I remember waking up in the sand. In warm waters, mid morning sun and sopping wet clothing. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling well, especially since I was last on a cliff in an oncoming storm. I know I stepped off the edge. I didn’t remember the fall, or the icy waters enveloping me. Instead, I was on a warm beach covered in surf and feeling fine. Well better than fine. I knew myself. I could feel myself as more assured. I knew that if I got up from there, I would not be sore. I just knew. It was like I had another life bottled up inside of me, and that bottle had opened, spilling out more information and ideas. I knew I was nowhere near Fair Isle and my home. I also knew, from the tile of the light, the fine sand underfoot, and the sheer warmth of the air, that I was much further South. A huge wave of nausea hit as the winds shifted and I got a wonderful whiff of the local city. If my nose was to be trusted, I was near Wallport. I think that months had passed but it might have been years.

I rolled to my knees and looked around, a small prayer to the Unconquered Sun rolling off my tongue. I felt inside, a small bell peal as the prayer took flight.

Excerpt from the Journal of Ioni V.

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