Fathers and Daughters

This is an odd sort of homecoming for me. Though I know what my father is, I’ve never seen his kind or what he might call home. I don’t even know his name (mother insisted it was best for both of us). And now, for the first time, I am walking a path that leads directly into his world.

Part of me understands how unlikely it is that we may meet, or if I would even know him if I saw him. But a part of me can’t help but wonder as we walk through these elemental halls…

Growing up Lord Fakharu was a figure of legend. The great judge of the West; his will uncontested and his heart as cold as the depths. Some of the Tya made a living offering passage to his spire for those seeking the highest authority possible to settle their dispute. But, such a thing was rare as those that brought trivial claims to his court were not granted audience, left to return home poorer for the exorbitant fees charged by the Tya.

The truth was, as always, more complex. Growing up with the legends I found his flattery and courtesy unsettling. And the way we usurped his chambers to speed the process… That we were not devoured for our arrogance speaks volumes of his need. For now our cooperation is mutually beneficial. But, I hope once our business is done we have not made a powerful enemy.

But it is just one concern of many that vies for my attention as we sail south. This vessel is amazing, rapidly cutting through the sea and speeding us on our way (though it makes no adjustment for wind or current). But we still must travel many thousands of miles, a trip of several days. And standing on the bow of the ship, the wind and spray in my face, I can’t help but think how costly each hour is. I try to not dwell, but I cannot turn my thoughts from fathers and daughters.

Fathers and Daughters

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