Father's Idiocy

When your father was young, he had the typical roving tendencies. Oh don’t look at me like that, boys. I know you and I know what you have a tendency for. Sweet talking young maidens, smiling, giving flowers, and all for a little of their time and comfort…

But listen here, and learn from your fathers mistake because they are actually going to impact you just as much as they did him.

No older than 20, a few years older than you are now, he was living life as a vagabond on the land. This was before he met your mother and married into a life style he loved. He was a pickpocket, silken tongued minstrel, and all other sorts of pirate, just not married to the ocean just yet. While you all know he was born and raised in Gethamane, picked up some helpful habits and friendships, there came a time when not even the back alley trades of Gethamane impressed him for a while. So he took his pack, filched some coins and headed East to Ironfall, to establish more connections and a new reputation.

Oh did he have fun, trying to craft a new name for himself. I believe he tried to build a reputation on the name Ichus. Tried and failed rather spectacularly. In his attempts he did meet a wondrous woman named Elena. Technically he was supposed to rob her blind while playing the part of a lonely nobleman so far down on the family line that he was unknown and merely trying to make a name for himself. Shenanigans. Take a name, make it your own, give it a wonderful reputation and put it in your back pocket to trade for later. What “Ichus” had not planned on was getting this Elena to fall in love with him. She even found out his real identity and followed him back to Gethamane after his attempts in Thorns went belly up.

Your father to this day, swears that he made it clear to her that they would never amount to a fully fledged relationship. Every week there was a new attempt at trying to trick or trap him. Once, she tried to swear that she was pregnant, trying to force him into marriage. That went over well, as you know the Gethamane law system is harsh, especially to those not from the city. A few doctors, and clerics later, well, her story was bust. Not only that, but she had attempted to steal and subvert his own personal property, to which, the Government confiscated and ruined that noblewoman then cast her out to roam.

The one attempt that finally took the cake and brought her entire family into the feud was the one that also helped to redecorate one of the temples to the local merchant gods. Your father was about 22 at this point in time. Already wooing your mother, trying to get on your grandfathers good side by working on one of the vessels in the Inland Sea as First Mate. He was sent out to ocean, and rumor had it that there would be about four weeks on the journey before they were back. Elena had been planning for that, waiting and finally took full advantage of Trianichus’ absence.

Keep in mind, Elena had a fair bit of magic bred into her bones. She had also arranged for her brother, a mediocre magic user to help her with the scam. It was laid out like this, trick your mother into meeting at the Temple of Uknown Gods. Elena’s brother would use a little illusion to look like Trianichus, cause a gigantic ruckuss, break her heart and you know, crush the dreams. You know, decimate a few egos. Then, while she was out of the picture, Elena would slip your father a little infatuation potion and rope him in.

Except, it never happened that way. Trianichus came home early, your mother and he were at the park, Elena became angry. And well, you’ve heard the story. Elena cornered them on the square outside of the Temple where she had planned her subterfuge, and subsequently started screeching like a fishwife and hurling fire at Trianichus. Your father and mother ran inside, to take cover, Elena followed with a trail of fire following her and her brother trying to calm her down. Elena was furious. So much so that the entire temple caught on fire. Your mother and father made it out safely, but Elena’s brother was crushed and burned to death. The local militia had to respond and did so harshly. Elena was captured, knocked out and then taken to prison until her sentencing. She was cursed and sentenced to live the rest of her life in Marama’s Fell. I know she still hopes to get revenge, for some odd reason she thinks your father is the reason her brother died.

Needless to say, you should avoid that place. Alright?

Cheska Maconeir loved telling the story to her grandchildren. Ioni loved to listen. Though it took more years to get the full details, every trip out, Ioni and her brothers were told to avoid that one area.

Ioni sighed, looking around the large castle that she was stuck in with these people she barely knew. It was a pang of home sickness. It happened. Ioni felt slightly out of the loop, trying to figure out how she was to help here. All she could do is bless body after body, bless a few rooms for the Unconquered Sun and try to stay out of the death traps. And this Jarvis fellow? Freaky. Already she had a horrible experience of time traveling back a few months in this psychopathic maze of destruction.

Ioni got up from her lounging in the newly sanctioned temple room and started wandering the halls. She felt that she was missing something, something close to her. Being dumped through time seemed to have addled her brain, caused lapses in her memory. And now, she had the nagging feeling she was missing something.


Father's Idiocy

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