Letter Home

Ioni bit her lip, looking around the room that Zuko had shown her as they boarded his ship. She was not looking to take in the sights, just to organize her thoughts. She was worried, very worried. The Bull of the North was seeking to invade the Haslanti League.

While she was certain that the Leagues spy network should have already picked it up, she still felt the need to make sure they knew. If anything, it would help her family’s business.

Dear Edvir,

I know it has been a long time since we have communicated. I am doing well and have found several interesting people in this odd wilderness. Right now, I’m near Lookshy. You remember the place? This was one of the cities that Lorinia wanted to create a river trade to. Remember how she wanted to take those small trinkets that were castoffs from bored people during the winter? I’m looking here and have not found a single person who would even spend a small coin for those baubles. In all honesty, we should look into trading some of the sweet perfumes. Nobility seems to always desire it however.

I do wonder though, how our neighbors are doing? Last I heard they were moving, but I do not think anyone knew where. Someone had mentioned that they were moving closer to us. Oh well, I’m sure that Oniro and Dera would be more than grateful to help them find a new place. However, I’m sure that Carapelle would also help in the move itself.

Do keep in touch. I am not certain as to how soon I shall return home to see you and the rest of the family. I hope that Father is well.

Ioni Valencia

Ioni sat back and looked at her handy work. It was rather blunt in phrasing but she knew that Edvir would get the message. Especially mentioning their dead brother. She sighed, wishing that she knew more of how to code a letter within a letter.

Folding the letter tightly, Ioni dripped a little wax on the fold to seal it and pressed her ring into it leaving a small v as an imprint. She addressed the letter and left her room to find a messenger to send the letter back to the Fair Isle. She expected the letter to go by ship to Wallport, then be picked up by a captain there and taken directly to headquarters.

Letter Home

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