Leviathan's Betrayal

This… is not something I’m good at. I have no gift with words and paper is hardly the most durable material on the waves. And still, time and time again we have gained insight from the recorded thoughts of our past lives…

I have no idea if such insight can come from my own, but the cycle will continue and I have made mistakes that should not be repeated.

I have never known what is was like to live my life for another. And yet, now, that seems all I am capable of. The burden we have inherited threatens to drown me at any moment, and at times I wonder how it is I still keep moving forward. We have been tasked with no less than the salvation of heaven and earth, and it would seem this is s service we have provided across countless… times? (I don’t understand most of what Kadon says, but this even less so.)

While trying to carry this burden I still try to do right by Aly’ and Kasi’. To care for them as a mother should they would need to be my life, and I simply can’t do that. All of creation is in our charge now and I cannot abandon it as much as I might wish. And so they grow up with Tya Celeste, my mother, and the rest of our people. It is a life that treated me well and I can only hope it does the same for them. But whether or not I get to be their mama is up to the fates now.

But, for a time, it seemed even the gods were telling me to go to them. At the birth of the dragon we were informed that Gaia would take the next several years to raise her child. Years that the threats facing existence would continue to work to dismantle Creation. And yet, it would seem that those threats paled next to raising her child. Even I’m not foolish enough to not realize that there are only so many creatures in existence that can raise a dragon, and for Gaia to not do this would be disastrous. But, that didn’t hold back the guilt at leaving my own in the hands of another.

As soon as I could I tried to return to them, finding that in the wake of the destruction of the passing of Daana’d a Lunar of the name Leviathan had come to them, and ostensibly the rest of the Tya, and offered them sanctuary during the storm and offers of an alliance against Skullstone. It was not what I was hoping to find, but it was also not what I feared either. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that we came to realize that the situation was more dire than we originally thought.

Anchored deep within a sunken city called Luthe this Lunar has taken my children into a pocket of elsewhere to train them. For me, only 6 months will pass (provided he keeps his word) but for those inside more than 7 years will have gone by. 7 years. I [tear drops mar the page, making the inked words here unreadable]

I cannot predict what fate has in store for me for the next 7 years, but the thought that in that time I could not see Aly’ and Kasi’ breaks my heart. It is all I can do to keep my eyes clear and face forward. Part of me wants to rage against anyone and everything within Luthe, taking it apart one piece at a time to free my children, but part of me understands that will do no good.

Zuko, I think, feels much the same way. He seeks an ally in his indignation, mistaking my fragile self control as apathy. And when I don’t appear to share his anger he pushes me. As he repeats the horrors of the situation it is all I can do to not strike him. If he succeeds I will eventually come back to my senses, but I’m afraid the consequences of my actions might be unbearable.

And still the situation continues to decay. Zuko’s airship has been disabled, and our only alternative is to seek the aid of a lord to the west, aid that will almost certainly cost the rescue of his lost love. A rescue that will cost me 18 days for every 1 it takes. This trial has almost broken me. And if it weren’t for the fact that it can still get much worse I don’t know if I would still be walking this path.

Leviathan's Betrayal

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