Message Across the Chasms of Time

Zuko searched for a nearby place to write in relative peace. He couldn’t stray far, however, there was no telling how long this connection with Aly would last.

“How can I merely react to the unique factors of the situation rather than the impossible fact that time is ripping itself apart? How many times have I witnessed such effects that should be beyond the realms of the Gods? Regardless, I must use what opportunities I can. If I am to die, may it not be in vain” Zuko mused as he spread the parchment out and inked his quill.

Hey _________,

So yeah, apparently I’m dead. And you’re me, well sort of. I’ve been told you bear what was my and Zoranna’s exaltation. Congratulations? I don’t have much time so I’m going to try to give you what information I can to try and help you. First off, you no doubt heard from Kal Bax. Yes, Zoranna was a titanic bitch, but given who I am and that you are also holding a shard of ourselves, I have the feeling you’ve done your fair share of “interesting” things. Don’t spend time regretting what we have done in the past. You will just get upset and not focus on what needs to be done. The rest of this letter is composed of things you must do, trust me on this, cuz hey, I’m you.

First, there’s an item I kept hidden for just such an occasion (ain’t I smart? ). I don’t know if the portal network is working at all, but you need to find your way to Zoranna’s grave. It resides far in the Wyld to the west, but whatever remains of the cult should be able to get you there. Within the coffin you will find a small metallic cylinder. To anyone else, it is nothing, but to us it is a record of nearly all I learned as a champion of the sun. I have been recording my knowledge and experiences within for awhile now. I hope you listen to it and learn everything. Awesomeness such as mine should never truly disappear.

Secondly, you need to find the rest of our circle. If they’re alive and I died I’m gonna be really mad, but all the better for your chances. If they are alive, please go punch Kadon in the crotch and tell him “the grave is no bar for Zuko’s call”. However, my guess is that we all bought it, so you need to find who they became. Aly and Kasi’s mother was a great woman, powerful, and capable of glorious feats, you’ll need a Dawn Caste to help you kick ass. Kadon has no doubt become another bookish snob, and while Kharum Argent’s exaltation is annoying and prone to overindulgence of curiosity, having their knowledge and intellect with you will be necessary. Though we are really amazing, all the sneakiness in the world is useless if you don’t have proper backup. While we rarely got along, we were friends who fought together and made sure to have what fun we could in the meantime.

Next, don’t trust anything in this fucking manse. I’m super serious. If it managed to kill us off, then you and Mnemia’s daughters are in great danger. Do what you can, then get back to saving the world, and kindly shove a red hot poker of sunlight up the empress’ ass. Or Jpaff her, you know what? Jpaff her, it’d be funnier.

Finally, Scarlet. If Nexus has been taken by the Wyld I don’t know what will have happened to her reincarnation system, but she should still be on her way to find you somehow. Know this, I loved her deeply and the times spent with her as my wife were the happiest in my life. Whatever style your relationship with Scarlet takes, encourage her and work together. She can act as a great calming force towards our reckless and foolhardy tendencies.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to impart some big life lesson of wisdom? Well tough, life as a Solar sure does suck huh? Well kid, I wish I could say it gets easier, but from my experience you simply get tossed more and more and more responsibility until it nearly breaks you. However, if the Unconquered Sun chose you it’s because you have it in you to be a big damn hero, so kick some ass. You’re strong on your own, but you need others to succeed at missions, find your friends, find Scarlet, find a way to reverse all the hell I heard about. If you fail I swear I will reincarnate and come kick your ass.

Good Luck, You’re gonna need it,

Zuko Kota (aka you)

Zuko sighed and looked over his words. Certainly not that eloquent, but it got his points across. He just hoped the boy could read eastern.

Message Across the Chasms of Time

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