Rage of Kallaberse

Artifact 5
Attunement Cost: 6m
Activation Cost: Varies

There was a time when the circle could move freely, displays of divine power having consequences no worse that a drunken night spent around Nexus. But those times have come to an end. This is especially true for Tya Mnemia. Though the rumors of the vicious and violent Tya anathema covered in tattoos and carrying an arsenal of weapons are not completely accurate, they are close enough to not only put those around her in danger, but her family as well. And as the stakes continue to rise this is no longer acceptable. The Rage of Kallaberse is the most significant effort being put forward to allow Mnemia to travel Creation without being immediately identified. Though some of the damage cannot be undone, it is hoped that the ability to move about without drawing undo attention will open up opportunities that would otherwise be closed to her.

Physically the Rage of Kallaberse is little more than an ink composed predominantly of orichalcum with a bit of red jade and moonsilver. This material is then tattooed upon the recipient (in Mnemia’s case covering her existing markings precisely). The tattoos must then be linked together while also connecting to a skin mount amulet and the recipient’s caste mark. This is achieved by injecting a specialized mix of moonsilver and orichalcum into the recipient, using the circulatory system as the foundation for the artifact. While the lunars do have tattoo artifacts, this is different enough that it’s unknown if such a thing could be removed and if so at what cost.

Functionally the Rage of Kallaberse acts as an extension of a dawn caste solar’s caste mark and anima banner, it’s power unfolding gradually as the anima releases more and more illumination. In Mnemia’s case it serves an additional purpose. The first time the Rage is activated Mnemia’s existing tattoos and permanent caste mark are burned away, leaving the skin unblemished. From that point forward, when dormant, the Rage has no visible appearance, allowing Mnemia to look much like any other woman. But now, when Mnemia spends peripheral essence, not only does her caste mark illuminate, but so do her old Tya tattoos, their form captured when the Rage was embedded within her skin.

The various manifestations of the Rage of Kallaberse are detailed below:

Glittering Caste Mark
As her caste mark begins to illuminate so do the rest of the tattoos on her face; enough essence is flowing through the system to cause all of the tattoos above her neck to alight.

  • As a reflexive action, the solar gains a +2 bonus to Awareness.

Shining Caste Mark
Enough essence now flows for the tattoos along the shoulder and back to now glow, establishing a connection to the skin mount amulet, deactivating the healthstone set there and enabling additional powers.

  • As per the Essence sight component of the Sensory Augmentation Visor, an aspect of the Celestial Battle Armor. This costs no motes to activate and is instead triggered by the bearer’s anima.
  • As per Enhanced Healing, an optional aspect of the Celestial Battle Armor.

Coruscant Aura
Now drawing power from the embedded hearthstone, at this level all of the tattoos are now visible, glowing with the same golden radiance as the exalted’s caste mark.

  • +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance and inflicting damage with attacks.
  • Doubles movement rate; 10mph marching movement rate.
  • As per Spirit Bane, an optional aspect of the Celestial Battle Armor. This ability also allows non-damage physical interaction with non-manifested entities. This costs no motes to activate and is instead triggered by the bearer’s anima.

Essence Bonfire
With the exalted’s anima banner now active the light given off by the tattoos has turned red and begins to pulse lightly.

  • For a reflexive cost of one mote, any weapon held by the bearer glows a dim red. Whenever it next strikes a target the weapon erupts in a surge of fire, increasing the strike’s raw damage by +4L and immediately setting any flammable inanimate target alight.
  • For 2 motes the solar can generate a line of fire from her right hand that is near 10 yards long. This weapon acts similar to an essence lash, though without the ability to strike multiple targets at once.
Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Tags
5 +4 10L +4 3 10 yards

Totemic Aura
The system is operating at peak efficiency now, with the anima power of the solar providing enough essence to trigger the final component of the Rage of Kallaberse.

  • A massive wing of red essence rises from the one tattooed shoulder of the exalt. The span of the wing is 3 yards, but is not constrained by close quarters. When manifest all numerical components of the dawn caste’s anima banner are doubled.

Exotic Components

  • A golden variation of liquid fire found in the Middlemarches of the Southern Wyld that will melt Orichalcum but will not burn flesh. This is what will allow the injection to remain fluid.
  • Orichalcum used in the tattoo ink must be refined in the light of a totemic aura to create the affinity necessary to connect the system to the recipient’s caste mark.
  • A prayer strip empowered by Sextes Jylis, the elemental dragon of wood, needs to be burned during the injection of the orichalcum compound to prevent the body from rejecting it.
  • The tattoos of Tya ghosts are not symbolic; bleeding continuously like fresh wounds. The Black Depths Foretold, dipped in this blood, is necessary for the connection to the spirit world.
  • A lunar tattoo master must develop a modified version of the technique used to create artifact tattoos to be used here.

Design Commentary: This is a variation of the Celestial Battle Armor. That artifact is a collection of several universal components plus three additional components that are equivalent to three dot artifacts. So, breaking down the components…

Core Features:

  • Filtration Baffles – dropped
  • Sensory Augmentation Visor – kept
  • Exomuscular Fibers – kept
  • Peripatetic Greaves – kept
  • Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots – dropped
  • Adaptive Camouflage subsystem – dropped
  • armor qualities – dropped

Three Additional Features:

  • Enhanced Healing – this does almost the exact same thing as the three dot hearthstone I need to use to power the artifact, so it’s kind of a wash. Saves me from needing a junk hearthstone.
  • Flame Lash – same as the extensible lash, except I removed all of the multi-target aspects and just gave it a bit more single target kick.
  • Spirit Bane – thematically appropriate, though I don’t know how much use we’ll get out of this one.

So, at this point the artifact is a trimmed down version of the 5 dot armor, with some major pieces missing. So, to compensate…

  • Pulled one (of three) of the components of the Fire Lance, a three dot artifact, for the lethal fire burst. This would not apply to the lash, the lash is already on fire.
  • The improvement to the dawn anima banner sort of comes from no where, so it’s hard to say where this comes in power wise. But since it requires going totemic I thought it would be fun. One-winged exalted…

If this is considered too potent the first thing I’d do is drop the Enhanced Healing and see about getting a junk hearthstone to power the system. Since Kadon can raise a three dot manse out in the Wyld in his sleep…

Rage of Kallaberse

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