Schola Celestia

Manse 4 (Solar)

The Schola Celestia is a towering edifice architected in a blend of the styles of the first age east and modern Lookshy. Solidly constructed, it towers high above Core Ignus, and landmark visible throughout eastern Nexus.

From the outside, the school’s most eye-catching features are its vast flying buttresses, and the the golden prisms that hover unsupported over the summit of it’s highest tower, channeling focused sunlight down into the building form dawn to dusk, and glowing with a luminous after-glow throughout the hours of darkness. The manse’s effects expand to the walls of the compound and slightly beyond, with subtle but harmless effects felt throughout the area.

Inside, the Schola Celestia has the makings of one of creation’s greatest houses of learning. Its immense archives and intelligent (though not sentient) essence creating an ideal learning environment for any student of the arcane, arts, crafts, history, or governance. When fully staffed, the college will accommodate thousands of students from every corner of creation, and play host to gatherings of scholars and diplomats from the east and beyond.

Note: The Schola Celestia features the Enlightened Essence feature, which makes it intelligent and semi-aware, but explicitly does not make it sentient, and excludes any kind of personality or non-programmed decision making processes. Think it as having a central computer comparable to those seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Manse Features
Null Stone – The manse produces no useful hearthstone, only a null stone
Maintenance – The manse and requires a staff of expert librarians to maintain it
Comfort Zone – The environment inside the manse is always comfortable
Network Node – Connected to Capital Fortress and The Constellation of Downcast Eyes
Magical Conveniences – The manse features numerous magical conveniences:

  • Dynamic Archive Index
  • Magical Illumination
  • Illusion Creating Blackboards
  • Arcane Attendance Log
  • Public Address Intercom
  • Shielded Arcane Laboratories
  • Running Water Throughout
  • Elsewhere Storage Lockers

Well-Flavored Aspect – The manse favors the Solar aspect, granting +1 dice to all rolls
Archive – Archives granting +1 specialization die in the following fields:

  • Craft – Artifact Design
  • Lore – Geomancy
  • Lore – Magitech
  • Lore – Artifacts
  • Lore – Shaping
  • Lore – Teaching
  • Occult – Essence Dynamics
  • Occult – Sorcery

Ability Enlightenment – The manse knows and can teach the following abilities:

  • Craft (Magitech)
  • Craft (Air)
  • Craft (Fire)
  • Craft (Earth)
  • Craft (Wood)
  • Bureaucracy
  • Lore
  • Occult

Schola Celestia

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