The Ashen Path


During the First Age, Raxin Hsen lead the greatest armies in Creation. And the greatest troops in creation came from the Archipelago of Xur. It was after a scheduled trip to observe the recruits that he made an unscheduled stop in an unusual location. When the death of a primordial destroyed the landmass of Okeanos in the West at the end of the Primordial War a shadowland was born on the remains of Mount Kukluk where the neverborn struck it as it was drawn to Oblivion. Before its destruction the Kukluk volcano was a towering monument to the Unconquered Sun; a living cathedral of golden smoke and molten orichalcum that welled from the sacred crater. It was to this place still unique in Creation that Raxin traveled.

Within the Shadowland Raxin walked the remains of the caldera, looking for a remnant of what was lost. What he found was an old magma conduit recently revealed by the weight of an old sill sliding deeper into the crater. As he traveled this tunnel he began to sense something exceedingly unusual. What he eventually found was a powerful demense unlike any he had ever encountered before. Within the remains of Kukluk he had found an essence flow of the element Smoke.

As far as he knew such a thing was unique, and Raxin immediately set about hiding and harnessing his find. On the site of the essence flow a manse was constructed that was little more than an elaborate sculpture. The rest of the construction was primarily to mask the location from the other exalted. But, more than that, he designed the manse to respond to his exaltation, not the hearthstone wielder. No matter who might locate and attune to this place, Raxin would always have control. And should he fall the manse would call out to his next exaltation, drawing it here to reclaim the unique prize, a massively powerful smoke hearthstone. How he managed such a feat and what he had to do to keep such a secret is unknown.

The Ashen Path is an unusual manse in that it’s not a building. Instead it is a large orichalum sculpture of a grand daiklave driven into the ground in front of a rising sun. The passage originally used by Raxin to locate the demense has since been destroyed, but when in the presence of Raxin’s exaltation the monument will rise out of the ash, offering its hearthstone to its master before diving beneath the earth again.

Manse Features
Uninhabitable (+3) Even when extended above the ash this location offers no protection from the elements.
Exotic Aspect (-1) This manse caps a Smoke aspected demense and produces a Smoke aspected hearthstone.
Outside Fate (-4) To ensure none could learn of its existence Raxin removed the location from Fate itself.
Analytical Senses (-3) The manse is capable of reading exaltations.
Password Activations (-1) Instead of responding to a traditional password it instead responds to Raxin’s exaltation.
Limited Mobility (-2) When detecting Raxin’s exaltation the manse will rise out of the ash of the caldera of Kukluk.
Sympathetic Dream Link (-2) When the hearthstone is present in the manse it will attempt to communicate with Raxin’s exaltation, drawing the solar to this location to reclaim the stone.


Weight of a Thousand Suns

Those that attack the bearer of this hearthstone bring entropy and decay upon themselves, burning away the vigor within themselves even as they try to strike down the foe before them. Whenever the bearer parries an attack or successfully deals damage, whomever she crossed blades with gains one fatigue point (limit of 1 per turn, up to a maximum of the bearer’s essence score). These fatigue points operate exactly like those gained through strenuous activity (Core, pg 130), a cumulative 1 die internal penalty to all actions, except they cannot cause someone to pass out. Instead, once a target has accrued more fatigue points than their (Stamina + Resistance) they must roll a single die for every action they take and consult the table below:

10Remove one point of fatigue
7-9The action happens as desired
1-6The action is botched

These fatigue points are also removed at a faster pace than normal fatigue. Every 5 minutes not spend performing a strenuous activity will reduce the fatigue count by one.

The Ashen Path

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