The Azure Vaults


The Azure Vaults is built within a relatively small island covered almost entirely in foliage found just a little northwest of the island of Pearl. Nearby coral reefs make navigation to and from the island difficult at best. In addition, artificial reefs surround the site, creating a very specific path necessary to reach the island.

On the southern end of the island is an inlet that leads to a shallow lagoon with a waterfall on the far side. This pool was the epicenter of the demesne before construction began. Even now the nearby trees form a canopy that only lets in a few rays of light. At the center of the lagoon an inscribed glass obelisk rises out of the water, used as part of the overall construction to slightly redirect the essence flow. Hidden by the waterfall is the primary entrance to the manse.

The interior of the manse is a network of tunnels and rooms, some of them small and intimate, others larger as if for mass combat scale training. There are two additional exits from the manse, but neither of them is “secret”. They are simply difficult to see from the outside given the foliage. The Hearthroom is a circular chamber near the center of the complex. The bottom of this room was dug down roughly 15 feet and then filled with soil while the ceiling rises 40 feet up. Seeds from the areas outside were then brought in and scattered about. The redirected essence of the demesne allowed the plants to grow despite having no access to sunlight, and the room it overgrown with foliage. The hearthstone itself forms in the hollow of a great tree at the center.

Mechanically, the manse is a zero-maintenance facility with the Provider feature (3 point Wood Favored). It is a comfortable living space that can sustain up to 300 people indefinitely. That capacity was rarely used in the time of Raxin Hsen, but was available if needed. Instead, the location was usually occupied by a collection of around 20 servants. Now, the place is almost entirely empty.

The manse also contains a Network Node (1 point). This far out in the middle of nowhere it was important to remain in contact with more strategic locations at all times.

During construction Raxin demanded that the manse have some measure of defense. As a result, this location contains a Bound Servant Force (3 point). This is a magnitude 3, drill 3 force of 150 clockwork automatons. A perfectly loyal army to lead in the case of emergency. This force cannot operate more than a mile away from the hearthroom (this covers the island itself and any ships that might reach the coral reefs). Of course, it also contains a backup orichalcum wavecleaver if needed.


Books of Sorcery, Vol 3, Page 100

This cylindrical stone gleams with the bright, opaque green of living bamboo. Its bearer’s intrinsic lethal soak equals her Stamina. She can also parry lethal attacks unarmed without a stunt. In addition, the bearer regenerates one level of lethal or bashing damage every hour. This stone does not speed the healing of aggravated damage.

The Azure Vaults

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