The Eastern Grove

Manse 5

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One of the five first age manse-tombs served by the portals that were originally found at the Tomb of Five Corners, the Eastern Grove is located in the extreme east of creation, amidst a vast and towering old growth forest. This location was originally the final resting place of Content Not Found: Kadon’s first age incarnation, a sorcerer engineer. The manse itself is is a factory cathedral on the forest floor, but the trees above it are host to a Haltan style village.

Like its counterparts, The Western Spires, The Summer House, and The Winter House, the Eastern Grove is located beyond the proper borders of creation, at least by the standards of the current age. A significant extent of the Wyld separates it from creation. In practical terms this means that the area can only be accessed by extensive travel through the wyld, or using the portals in The Portal Network.

When this location was initially explored, the factory cathedral was magically sealed, and the village above it was filled only with the remains of its inhabitants. The Eastern Grove Journal found on the location explained that a demon trapped in the manse had temporarily escaped, and killed the a portion of the local population before the survivors sealed it back inside and fled back towards the heart of creation.

Presently, the demon has fled to Nexus, and the area is being restored to usefulness. The factory cathedral is now fully operational, and producing key goods for The Cult of the Illuminate. The overhanging village is now home to Zuko Kota’s Haltan cult, the staff of the factory cathedral, Content Not Found: avria, and numerous others. It is perhaps the most prosperous and thriving of the manse-tomb locations, in terms of actual productivity.

The Eastern Grove is the only location connected to both the public and private portions of the portal network. The gate here generally opens into the public network, but those with the proper credentials – the circle members, and select others – are able to open it into either of the gates on the private network if needed.

Manse Features
Null Stone – The Eastern Grove produces no useful hearthstone, only a null stone
Uncomfortable – The factory cathedral contains no living quarters or amenities
Portal Network Node – Portions of the manse’s power contribute to The Portal Network
Factory Cathedral – The manse is a functional factory cathedral, with the following:

  • Temple Manse – One extra success on prayers to the Unconquered Sun
  • Ideal Workshop – Four extra dice on craft rolls made using the manse
  • Atelier-Manse – Accelerated craft cycle, mass produce up to artifact 4
  • Maintenance – Requires upkeep as described in Oadenal’s Codex, page 78

Unknown Features – Ten points of undiscovered manse features. Suggestions:

  • Bound Servant Force – Assembler Bots. Twice artifact’s rating extra success on craft rolls
  • Bound Guardian – Central Computer. Four extra successes on craft checks
  • Magitech Archive – Extra specialty dot when making Magitech rolls
  • Well Flavored Solar Aspect – Solars get an extra die for any action in manse
  • Magical Conveniences – Automated workshops, reference systems, etc.

The Eastern Grove

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