The Library of Azun Sol

Manse 1

This great and ancient library was architected by the sorcerer Azun Sol some time during the first age, and has survived the intervening centuries with its purpose – though not its contents – intact. Though it has been sacked and looted many times over the years, the Sidereal energies flowing through it have seen its shelves repopulated within a century or so each time, and its carefully devised arrangement of stacks, shelves, and displays has continued to safely harness the power flowing through the location.

The Library of Azun Sol is located within the city of Lookshy, and is watched over by the local god Sebashiin the Librarian, who occasionally draws on the Manse’s power to manifest himself. Sebashiin is most likely to appear when a visitor comes to his domain in search of particularly rare or interesting information simply for the sake of knowing it. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the library’s contents, past and present, and most often appears in the form of a tome or scroll found apparently by chance, which leads the searcher to the information he seeks.

Manse Features
Uncomfortable Conditions – The Library contains no amenities or living quarters of any kind
Magical Conveniences – A tome in the central chamber contains a dynamic index of the stacks
Magitech Archive – Gain a one die specialty bonus to magitech rolls when using the archive

Memory Stone
Books of Sorcery, Vol 3, Pages 85-86
Essence Regeneration: 2 / Hour
The bearer has complete eidetic memory, and can make (Perception + Awareness) roles to notice further details about events even long after they were experienced.

The Library of Azun Sol

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