The Portal Network

Two portal networks have been created from the portals originally found in the Tomb of Five Corners and it’s five associated manse-tombs, and an eleventh gate in the possession of the Cult of the Illuminate in The Emerald City. Though ownership of the ten original gates remains within the circle, the Cult operates the majority of the portals to facilitate travel all across creation.

Cult Network Portals

Most of the gates in the more public portal network operated by the Cult of the Illuminate link directly to each other. The exceptions to this is the gate at The Emerald City, which is accessible only through the secure gate at The Summer House.

Private Network Portals

The three outlying portals in the private network are each accessible from the others. This network is considered relatively secure, and touches on the cult network only at the factory cathedral at The Eastern Grove.

The Portal Network

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