The Western Spires

One of the five first age manse-tombs served by the portals that were originally found at the Tomb of Five Corners, the Eastern Spires are located in the extreme west of creation, amidst a trackless sea. This location was originally the final resting place of Zuko Kota’s first age incarnation, a scheme and genesis engineer. The manse is composed of a number of large stone plinths reaching up from the fathomless depths to breach the surface of the ocean.

Like their counterparts, The Eastern Grove, The Summer House, and The Winter House, the Western Spires are located beyond the proper borders of creation, at least by the standards of the current age. A significant extent of the Wyld separates them from creation. In practical terms this means that the area can only be accessed by extensive travel through the wyld, or using the portals in The Portal Network.

When the circle discovered the Western Spires, they were inhabited by a village of aquatic humanoids, who had built their homes on and around the structure of the manse. The circle has worked to develop good relations with them, but it is not clear if the village survived the storms created by the passing Dragon during the Waking Dragons arc.

The circle has only recently learned to access the interior of the manse at the Western Spires, but inside they found a dry dock facility containing an artifact warship built for Zuko’s previous incarnation. While not a combat vessel, the ship is equipped for stealth intrusion and troop deployment, as well as retrieval of cargo from awkward locations.

Like the Winter House, this location is connected only to the private portion of the portal network, and so it is infrequently visited. This is primarily because the limited livable space here makes the site less useful than the others for The Cult of the Illuminate. It is more frequently visited than its southern counterpart however, in an effort to maintain a relationship with the tribe of creatures living on the site.

The Western Spires

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