To Those Left Behind

We are returning to Lord Fakharu, Amarel safely in our possession. But it is a trip of a few days and there’s little to do other than spend time with one’s thoughts. Amongst the circle there is little to say to one another that hasn’t been spoken, and Amarel seems to prefer Kadon’s company.

She doesn’t shy away from my voice, but I think I still remind her of what she has been through. That, or it’s just my foul mood.

To avoid dwelling on what I know will only cause me pain I replay our rescue mission over and over in my mind, trying to discover what we did wrong and discern a means of ensuring that it doesn’t happen in the future. What I see does not ease my spirit.

This Circle moves with purpose under the banner of absolute morality. There are heroes and villains, and we act with no hesitation or mercy to crush the latter. Demons, crime lords, servants of death and suffering; all have reason to fear us. We advance with the fervor of zealots and gods give mercy to those that would stand in our way.

Certainly we have encountered the shades of gray that arise from a civilization born of millions of independents, but this was different somehow. Maybe not in just the ambiguous nature of those before us, but also in the nature of the actions we chose.

Before we left the islands behind we had abandoned the helpless victims of a sadistic snake creature, framed an innocent entity, blackmailed a king and kidnapped a prisoner justly held by the laws of the land. Each of our actions we can justify to ourselves, but is what we did truly right? Can I hold my children in my arms knowing what I sacrificed to reach them? Is this the end or will I add more acts that I allow the ends to justify?

Up until now, the places we have visited have become better places. We have brought insight and wisdom to the Emerald City, returned the Solars to Lookshy (while saving the city from a Death Lord attack) and pulled Nexus from the brink of civil war. But the legacy we leave on those islands I can no longer see leaves me ashamed. And still I make no move to do anything about it.

To Those Left Behind

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