Campaign of the Month: July 2011

Sins of the First Age

Session Log

Like Siracha sauce on a whore.

Experience: 6

Despite invading her home, the Circle is unable to locate Mercury. During the search Scarlet tells Mnemia that Raksi is in Nexus and involved in the hunt for Isabella, indicating that the Tower of the Raven in Mahalanka, the prison of Fox, is not protected by the elder lunar. It’s also during this time that Zuko learns that Caleb is the son of Kadon and Ribbons; knows the secret of the doppelgangers but the half-caste promises that telling the Circle will simply get them killed. Zuko also learns that Scarlet, Silken Sky and Zis are sisters, likely the Children of the Most High. Ioni learns that the blue box everyone wants is a Pandora’s Box of sort; large enough to fit a person and difficult to escape. The Circle reaches Mahalanka and begins the search for Fox.

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ChainsawXIV Gilheru

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