Galek Rohlad

Former leader and head instructor of Haltan Commandos


Galek has served his nation well for nearly 4 decades. He began his career as a soldier in the tree guards, and tested 3 times to be accepted into the Haltan Commando corps. Once there he rose through the ranks and was the first non-enlightened captain of a unit in the corps. He was honored several times for his quick-thinking and brutally efficient tactics in raiding Linowan lands.

After his ten year service was completed he chose to continue the good fight, feeling more at home with the rapid pace of elite military life than on his family’s messenger seed plantation. At the age of 35 he successfully defended a border-fort from a group of fair folk outcasts who abandoned the treaty, and outnumbered the border fort’s inhabitants considerably. Ordering half his men to scatter to the trees, Rohlad had the rest carefully injure themselves superficially and had the remaining civilians carry them out of the village as though he was in retreat. As the raksha closed in, eager to take the easy prey, the trap was sprung as bloodied-but-able soldiers grabbed hold of the invaders while the scattered troops penned them in. For his successful defense, Rohlad was granted a great boon from Caltia the Eternal, providing him with Enlightened Essence.

His newfound abilities only furthered his success for many more years before he realized the necessity of his retirement at 50 years of age. He then was assigned as the head instructor of the Commando corps training grounds and helped keep Halta safe by providing it with steadfast and capable soldiers.

He was initially excited to hear his former student, Zuko Kota, exalted as a Solar. He hoped the lad would provide a strong military force to use to their advantage, but secretly knew the lad would likely take off on adventure. Upon the Night Caste’s recent return visit, Galek was intrigued by the offer made to him to assist his favored pupil with protecting Creation itself. Unwilling to go at first, feeling his duty remained in Halta, Galek received word from Lady Chaltra herself to accompany the young Solar. That he could do his duty best by maintaining his defenses, and keeping an eye on what Zuko was up to. Conflicted, Galek did agree to return with Zuko to train whatever troops he had at the workshop, but his first loyalties remain to Halta and he must now, reluctantly keeping tabs on his student for the Council.

Portrait by bloodrhapsody

Galek Rohlad

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