Sidereal Half-Caste Intern


As a child, Kaleb was raised in an orphanage north of great forks. The monks who ran the shelter can’t recall clearly the night he arrived, only that his father left both instructions to take good care of him and a considerable amount of Jade. Shortly after he was old enough to leave the orphanage, he joined the Cult of the Illuminated he learned why the monks couldn’t recall his parent clearly or why he could recall the story they told him far more clearly than they themselves could.

Kaleb is a half-caste of a powerful Sidereal parent and Arcane Fate would have quickly erased any information about who delivered him to the Monks. The Cult however quickly recognized him for what he was and took him in. Either he was the child of a gold faction member and they where doing one of their own a favor, or they had just found a pawn to use socially against either a bronze faction or independent Sidereal. So far however no one has come forward. Given the recent events among the Sidereals, most suspect is it unlikely Kaleb and his father will have a chance to meet.

In training Kaleb has proven himself a capable craftsmen and loremaster, for a half caste. Though such skill had to be pulled out of him. Also, while his raw strength suggests a powerful heritage, his abilities are still well short of most terrestrial exalts. And thus is well short of the desired skill necessary to be of any great use to a Solar. Further, he has so far been unable to complete the trials necessary to become a sorcerer, though he meets most of the requirements for such. He has shown some ability for martial arts, but has only learned some of Golden Janissary Form.

While he has done well in the Cult, most were hoping for more from him. Currently though, his short comings might be a blessing in the eyes of the Cult. He has developed a very strong relationship with a mortal, Silken Sky, who has surpassed mortal limitations for her essence. Most Solars either wish to have her as a personal assistant or as a test subject to try to recreate her success with other enlightened mortals and thus create a stronger workforce and army for the Cult. However, her successful posting to an outsider who brought to the Cult the gateway network has made it difficult for any Solar or other exalt to recall her. However, these same individuals suspect it is only time before Kaleb proves himself inefficient to support a Solar exalt, and when he is dismissed back to the Emerald City, Sky will follow.

In the eastern grove Kaleb can commonly be found working on personal projects in the cathedral or working with Sky. When not working, he and Sky becomes more difficult to find. While he works well with Sky and with above average skill with the rest of the intern team, he seems to have some problem working with his Solar boss. Some kind of resentment, or possibly an assumption that a Solar should be capable of so much more that he seems to slack a bit in his half of the work. Though like a rocket going at supersonic speeds hardly has time to notice one blue jay in a tree, the Kadon hasn’t really noticed such till after a project is done.

Image used for the character was taken from the internet and is of Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who fame.


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