Tya Mnemia

Thousand Talons Eidolon


Before her exaltation, and even for a number of years after, Mnemia’s appearance embodied both her paternal heritage and her chosen lifestyle as a member of the Tya. Mnemia is a tall and striking woman, standing just shy of six feet. Her skin is fair and her build displays a lean strength. Her pale blue eyes are a gift from her mother, her wave touched voice and her long blue/green tresses a gift from her father. And from the Tya she bore the ritual tattoos; starting at her brow before traveling down the right side of her face, branching at the shoulder and continuing both down her right arm to her fingertips and wrapping along her back before ending above her left knee.

Unfortunately, the growing danger that threatens both her and those that rely upon her has forced Mnemia to hide what it was that once helped define her. Her long hair has been cut short and dyed, the straight black locks now barely dropping below her chin. And with the help of the Rage of Kallaberse both her caste mark and Tya tattoos are now invisible until she begins to flare her Anima Banner. Mnemia has also begun to hide most of her extensive arsenal in Elsewhere. Daiklave, chakram and cannon can all be called with a thought, as can the orichalcum armor she wears into battle.

Two articles of clothing define Mnemia’s appearance now. The first is a hooded and sleeveless long coat that drops to just below the knee. The pale golden material is form fitting around the chest, clasped at the neck, sternum and navel, before opening up at the waist. A second, thinner inner layer of black fabric is visible as she walks or on the inside of the hood when it is drawn. Should she decide to fight without calling upon her breastplate the flowing coat may reveal glimpses of the Silken Armor beneath. The other article of note are her Gloves of Martial Readiness. The woman uses the malleable appearance of the artifact to mask her Hearthstone Bracers and Impending Dawn Band while it provides access to her one weapon that is not stored in Elsewhere. Normally the gloves are shaped to appear as steel gauntlets covering her arms to her elbows.


Blood Upon the Sand

A child of a Tya physician and a god of the seas, Mnemia’s conception had not been desired, but she would still enjoy the love of her mother and the support of her people. And maturing as she did within the Tya culture, it was hardly surprising when she partook of the shellfish infertility extract and accepted her tattoos on the day of her first blood. Unlike many of her sisters, she had been born a Tya, and she had shown no desire to leave the fold.

As an adult Mnemia would exemplify what it meant to be a Tya. All but born and raised on a ship, she was nimble, strong and quick witted. But her mastery over wind and waves was only a part of her natural gifts. Coming as a bit of a surprise to those that knew her kind hearted mother best, Mnemia was a deft martial combatant. Her skill with short, close combat blades in particular was nothing less than stunning. So while she could have walked a path that could have led her to captain any ship in the Tya fleet, she instead began serving with the Tya Breakers. The Breakers acted as escorts and rapid responders for the larger, more valuable and thus more vulnerable Tya trade flotilla. When these fleets were attacked the Breakers would detach from the defensive formations, utilizing their swift cutters and either capture or sink key enemy ships.

Mnemia’s exaltation came during a fierce battle on the seas. The Breakers had been commissioned to track down and destroy a particularly aggressive pirate gang, but what should have been a Tya ambush turned against them when one of their ships accidentally broke rank and was exposed early. Six Tya ships fought against fourteen pirate vessels, and when the Tya captain of the lead vessel was killed the tenuous defenses started to unravel. Faced with certain slavery or death the young woman’s soul exalted. Upon Mnemia’s awakening she was able to rally the remaining Tya, punch a hole in the pirate line and lead them to a successful escape. Twelve hours later Mnemia returned, leading the reorganized survivors in for a second attack, this one successfully breaking the buccaneers.

Since that day Mnemia’s life has changed in many ways. Through the exaltation she rediscovered one of the many lost manses of her former exaltation, Raxin Hsen, among the islands north of Wavecrest. Her role within the Tya also changed. For a time she served with a small privateer fleet, coordinating maneuvers and keeping the individual ships operating as a single force. But that life would end when a summons came in from the East. It seemed she was not alone…

Half a decade has passed since that fateful summons to Nexus. In the span of just a few short years Mnemia’s world has been destroyed and rebuilt time and time again. The woman she is now, though still at heart the same woman that once sailed the sea with the Tya, has been forged into something more than mortal, something deeper and more complex than she ever could have imagined.

To her friends and allies she is still Tya Mnemia; daughter of Tya Celeste and mother to Alyrja and Kasiris. But as the dangers within Creation continue to grow, those that know the full truth have become fewer and fewer. Slowly but surely, this identity is disappearing. Mnemia no longer lives for just herself, and must protect those closest to her in any way that she can.

Upon the field of war and in the eyes of her enemies she has adopted the name Thousand Talon Eidolon. Draped in ivory cloth and orichalcum armor, her grand daiklave in hand, this is Mnemia’s solar identity. This is the woman who stands against all those that would tear Creation apart, and the woman her enemies seek to destroy. This is a mask composed as much of legend as truth.

Upon the streets of both Creation and the Underworld she carries an identity far more subdued. Here, where she cannot allow eyes to see her for the truth or the legend, she is known as Diania. A mercenary in the best of times, a laborer in the worst, she is a hard but simple woman, demanding no more notice than any other poor soul striving to eke out a meager living.

Three faces for the three paths she must walk…

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Tya Mnemia

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