Gem of Transcendent Spirit


Manse (Spirit)

The Gem of Transcendent Spirit is a pale yellow spindle through which runs a faintly glowing lattice of pathways. By focusing on this inner glow, the stone’s bearer reaches a state of emotional serenity and peace that persists even in the midst of the fiercest of battle. From this enlightened perspective the user views the world with unshakable aplomb, and wields even his own emotions with supernatural clarity and power.

In this detached emotional state the stone’s user casually ignores outside influences directed at her emotions, ignoring all penalties to his MDVs and gaining a +3 bonus to his Dodge MDV against Emotion effects. Additionally, whenever the user channels a virtue of which she has a rating of 3 or higher, to enhance a roll, she gains successes rather than dice, also when performing an action in line with such a virtue, she may choose to recover the expended virtue channel instead of receiving the normal willpower or essence recovery for her stunt on that action.


Gem of Transcendent Spirit

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