Gloves of Martial Readiness (claw variant)

weapon (melee)


Attunement Cost: 8m

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
5 +4 5L 3 3 M

Design Commentary: This is a variation of the Gloves of Martial Readiness that replaces the the katar blade with blades that instead mimic razor claws.


While the khatar blade is the standard manifestation of the gloves of martial readiness, it is hardly the only option. A capable crafter can shape the essence even further using threads of a second magical material to channel the essence into three long thin edges instead of a single blade. In this case, the primary orichalcum is interspersed with threads of star metal to create a manifestation that more closely mimics razor claws.

Gloves of Martial Readiness (claw variant)

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